Must-Know Repairs

Have you ever worked a row (or a number of rows) “perfectly,” only to suddenly notice a glaring mistake in one or more of the rows you have just completed? Well, here is a chance to learn simple repairs for some of the most common mistakes we make.

In the class, you will learn how to “unknit” a row to correct your error within the same row, how to pick up dropped stitches from rows down below, and how to unravel your work safely to a point rows below where your mistake first appears. If time permits, we will also cover trouble shooting to avoid certain problems before they arise.

Recommended Resource: Knit Fix, Problem Solving for Knitters, by Lisa Karus.

Materials: 1 skein of worsted weight yarn with appropriately sized needles; 1 crochet hook, size F, G or H; 1 double pointed needle (either circular or straight), size 1 or 2.

Experience Level: