About Us

Coming from Turkey, a country known for its arts and handcrafts, it's no surprise that Sule Kaya has made a career in knitwear design. Although her grandmother and mother are expert knitters and crocheters, Kaya actually learned how to knit and crochet through instinct and observation. Before starting middle school, she could crochet moderately intricate pieces and designed her first sweater at the age of 10. She found it simply natural to translate her abstract creativity into concrete pieces.

It had never occurred to Kaya or her parents that her talents in knitwear would ever become a viable career. Therefore, she attended a college in Los Angeles and studied economics and international business. In 2007, she had the opportunity to work for a Los Angeles based haute couture design duo knitting pieces for their line. Currently working for these designers, the collaboration marked a huge leap for her career as an exclusive knitwear designer. Kaya soon began designing pieces for many costume designers and stylists involved in feature films and commercials.

Opening her knit studio, Zoe Zeynep, in 2011 has given Kaya much pleasure of not only being able to share her knowledge and experience, but also the joy of learning from other talented knitters.